I've been thinking about diet a lot, and the way it impacts my mood, energy, and basically every other area of my life. Part of that is how the habits and mindsets we learn as kids are still at play. Think broccoli- I hated it as a kid, to the point that when given the choice between eating it now or sitting at the table until I did, I sat for 3 hours, but these days I actually don't mind it.


Growing Curve means building a team, which means building not only around my strengths, but my weaknesses. I've been thinking about what skills I bring to the table, and how that'll shape the way I work with others. It gives me throwbacks to a StrengthsQuest test I took a decade ago in college; at the time I didn't do much with it, but a decade later it still kind of fits. If you're curious, I'm Futuristic, Strategic, Arranger, Competition, and Includer.

Rabbit Hole

Part of the diet inspiration is from feeling like shit over the last 2 years. I'll sleep for 9 hours, and still be ready for bed at 7pm. My working theory is a Candida overgrowth, which is fueled by sugar. Turns out sugar not only has the weight gain symptoms everyone knows, but it also hits things like making you feel less full, giving you dopamine hits that get into addition territory, and if taken long enough, leads to anxiety and depression. I'm still going through finding my hidden sources of it, but striving for less than 15 added grams a day.


An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. Excellent read about the mindsets and life of going to space. Spoiler: actually being in space is only 1% of the job.

Favorite Quote I've Found

Stop assuming that the way to make progress on your most important projects is to work for longer. And drop the perfectionistic notion that emails, meetings, digital distractions and other interruptions ought ideally to be whittled away to practically nothing. Just focus on protecting four hours – and don't worry if the rest of the day is characterised by the usual scattered chaos. - Oliver Burkeman
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