I’m Robbie, a Marketer based in Boston

I help early and mid-stage B2C marketing teams make sense of their technology stack, and get the metrics they need to fuel growth.

Back when VCR camcorders were still a thing, I’d spend weekends taking apart whatever I could get my small hands on- answering machines, CD players- you name it. I’ve always been fascinated with how parts come together to make something remarkable, and from being the involved kid in school to a wedding photographer, you could say I never quite outgrew it.

As I’ve explored the hip world of Marketing, I’ve found I have a knack for translating between the savvy-lingo of Marketing and the in-the-weeds world of IT and developers (if my future in Marketing goes the way of Google Glass, I’d move right into IT). They’re two separate worlds, but when they blend, epic things can happen- and I love the puzzle of it all.

What Inspires Me

I’ve been to Europe, South Africa, and Australia, which is 100% worth the 16-hour plane ride. Next on my list are South America and Japan

During summer weekends, you can find me shooting weddings at venues across New England

My rule is to try at least one local donut shop in every city I visit 🍩

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